In a mourning ceremony the photographer takes a picture of a little girl.

With a sorrowful face,the mourners leave the room, leaving it surrounded by flowers.

Little by little, we get closer to the girl, we enter into her mind and into the universe of the death.

Remember that you will die

Director's note

Memento Mori is an animation film that tells the story of a little girl and her tragedy.

In this film, music and image work together to create an intense climax of emotions and sensations.

Inspired by the "Memento Mori" themes of the medieval times and occidental and bolivian traditions, this film uses contemporary music as a way to stand out and denounce violence, rape and death of young girls and women all over the world.

As musical movements, each of the three parts shows us the evolution of the characters, it tells their story and how they evolve in time and in space.

  1. Tanz
    • Inspired in the concept of "Death and the Maiden", this movement shows us the relationship between the girl and the Death. The music is slow but rhythmic, Bolivian native instruments are used to create the sense of the ritual but keeping it in a contemporary background.
  2. Lamento
    • The girl's soul is represented as a dancer who, through slow movements, shows the memories of the girl's death.
      As a silent witness, the girl is sitting next to Death. She has her face hidden behind a mourning white cloth.
      In the end of the movement, the dancer seeks comfort in Death.
  3. Et Lux Perpetua
    • This movement is the transition from darkness to light (Ex ombris ad lucem). In this last part, we are at the exact time of the rape and death of the girl. We can feel her emotions, her confusion, and her suffering. She is helpless and alone, all the demons are holding her down until there's nothing more than her pain, not even Death. Suddenly, "LUX" ("the Light ") takes the girl in his arms and she's able to embrace the eternal rest. In the end, traditional rites are taking place, it is the girl's funeral.